great gatsby-inspired dress + stationery combo.

So in my real life, I work for an event planning and design studio in Atlanta. I’ve always had a love of weddings and events, so it’s lots of fun to be surrounded by them every day. It’s the perfect combination of creativity and organization that my brain craves, and I’m surrounded by beautiful flowers, fabrics, and props every day!

Today I want to share what I think of as another perfect combination: a vintage 1920s-inspired wedding dress and Great Gatsby-esque stationery. Just a couple of photos can be a great jumping off point if you’re beginning to plan a wedding.


This gorgeous dress (designer unknown — anybody know the source? [commenter Melissa shared that the photo is from a fab styled shoot shared over at the Wedding Chicks blog — thanks for the heads up!]) has beautiful pleating and an elegant hint of sparkle, which I love (see: blog name). The shape is lovely for a vintage-themed affair as well. And can I just mention that the linen is outta control?! I think it complements this stationery so very well:


Found on Preston Bailey’s fab blog, these sleek letterpress stationery pieces fit the Gatsby era like a pair of Daisy’s gloves. The font choices, down to the blind letterpress monogram, are amazing and bring another design layer to the mix. Catherine of Printerette Press did a beautiful job designing this suite.

You can pull your wedding ideas from as little as these two photos: you have colors (ivory, black, and sparkle — yes, sparkle is a color in my world) and a theme — 1920s vintage. These two things can get you so far, helping drive your choice of venue, flowers to be used, music to be played, etc. So if you’re not very far in your own planning process and are starting to get nervous, don’t sweat it!

Wedding Planning Tip #1: Put your inspiration photos together, find the common thread in all of them, and move on from there.

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